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ECHOS approaches client projects each with its own agenda and against its own merit. We do not come with pre-conceived solutions (well, just a wee bit), and we take every measure to ensure the final intended outcome is in line with the best interest of our clients' needs.


Our project consulting process is an experience-driven simplification of the more detailed standard six-stage project management process and [generally] includes:


S1: Discover - the stage where we ensure that the problem, as the client sees and explains it, is really the problem and not a deep-seated or misleading symptom masquerading as the problem. We identify the root of the matter by monitoring and intervening in the client's operations to gain much needed insight.

S2: Research - the stage where we identify and classify all the solutions available for the problem at hand, discuss the possible outcomes with the client, develop cost models (as necessary) for each outcome, develop a basic implementation approach so all parties are aware of the timing, risk, impact, and final outcome of the project delivery.

S3: Implement - just as the section title suggests, this is where we work with the client to implement the approved and agreed solutions. This includes, timelines, budgets, action plans, assessments, procedures, etc. .... which is typically the bulk of the change-making work. At the implementation stage, there is a continuous review of the operation, the market, regulations, and technology available to make results more lasting and more effective once implemented.

S4: Transfer - here is the really tricky part of the project. Too many times consultants develop solutions, solve problems and move on only for the client to fall back into the same problem within a matter of months. The issue here is usually tied to a lack of knowledge transfer, i.e. no-one inside the organization is tagged to understand completely what the consultant has done so they can carry the mantle of keeping the solution implemented and the keep the problem at bay. ECHOS takes extra effort to ensure that the solutions implemented become a part of the operational process and to pass this knowledge on to an assigned member of the client's team. That way, you actually benefit from our consultation support.

S5: Validate - in most cases, the best way to announce and retain validated process implementation is through achieving some level of certification which affirms the results of your hard work. We work with a number of international implementation and certification partners to deliver trusted certification services that you can use with your international and local markets as a mark of quality and assurance in your products and or services. We will naturally discuss this as well as any additional requirements at the opening phases of our service involvement with you. 

Of course there are those consultancy projects that are a bit more straight-forward and for which we have a more direct approach. These will include, for example, consulting requests for developing sustainability programs for EarthCheck and Cristal International and or for implementing various occupational safety and risk programs that are bespoke and available only through our offering. For these, the above steps are a much shorter process and it may soothe your concerns to know that all members of our team are certified in project management at some level.

Let us guide you through the project management cycle. If you have other questions please check out our FAQs page here.

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