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Richard A. May  | MSc, BSc, PG Dip, CEM, SMC, FSP

Chief Executive Officer  -  Risk, Energy & Sustainability

Our CEO has operated in the field of sustainability since 2006, launching standards and working with partners and clients within the government, commercial and tourism sectors toward.s verification and certification against international standards. His awareness of the various sectors in which we operate is always of considerable value to the solutions we create for and with our clients.

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Craig A. May  | BSc, SMC, FSP

Director of Operations  -  Tourism Operations

Craig has been working in the hospitality industry since 2003 in strategic and problem-solving roles with top hotel brands in the Caribbean region. His ability to quickly assess and guide our clients teams in multiple areas of operational risk and general efficiency is respected by all our clients as  the benefit from immediate results and solutions bred and honed by years of experience in crisis and operations management.


Damian Edmond  | MA Arch, BA Arch Studies, Dip. Arch

Director, Sustainable Design & Development

Damian has practiced as an architect, educator and independent designer and has worked with a number of design firms and satisfied the needs of a diverse clientele. Damian holds a Master of Architecture, Bachelors of Arts in Architectural Studies, and a Diploma in Architectural Technology. He is a registered architect in Jamaica and former Program Director/lecturer for the Bachelors of Arts and Master of Architecture at the Caribbean School of Architecture.


Claudia Bailey  | MSc, SMC

Corporate Services Consultant  -  Workforce Development

Claudia has worked in a number capacities and has a natural interest in people development and organizational growth. It is no surprise that the has chosen to focus her energies on. the development of our clients' employees with support solutions designed to ensure that hiring,  strategic succession planning, and  employee p personal development re all scientifically managed within your organization. Not to mention that she's got some really neat tech tools to boot!

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Odene Morgan  | Dip, SMC

Consultant - Commercial and Tourism Risk & Safety

Odene is a risk and sustainability tourism stalwart. Working with large and small hotel companies throughout her career in hospitality, Odene possesses significant experience in hotel quality and safety management. with a host of professional certifications to support her ever-growing knowledge base. Our clients are consistently positive in their  remarks about her support and the detail in her work which naturally translates into quality output for their staff and operations.


Cleon Muir

Consultant - Commercial and Tourism Risk & Safety

Cleon has brought to the team a rounded resume of capabilities to include extensive expertise in security operations, water sports and marine operations, risk and safety, quality, sustainability, and a number of other functional areas. Cleon works with our clients to establish baseline status and action planning activities towards improvements to gaps in operational quality and risky operations. His contribution is invaluable to the teams he works with both internal and external.

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